Laa an der Thaya: Location and Relevance of the City

Laa in the past and today (postcard: from a private collection)

Laa an der Thaya is a small town in northern Lower Austria, 80 km from Vienna. The town is important for the area because of its schools (e.g. the only high school for children from 11 to 18 years in the district). It is located directly on the Czech border – the main square actually ends there. This peripheral and isolated location during the time from World War II to the end of Communism influenced the town and led to a loss of significance of the formerly important trading economy.

Today Laa and der Thaya is again located in a geographic center of Europe. The
spa has made the town somewhat well known now. But at the same time it suffers from extensive migration of stores to the outskirts and final closings of many businesses. More and more premises remain empty – many have been for years. Also many restaurants have closed in the last years and no others were opened.

Laa’s main square in the past and present (postcard: from a private collection)

Three buildings still remain from the medieval past: the castle, the Catholic Church and the remains of the town wall. Due to the circular shape of the town one can reach the center by foot quickly from all sides.

Laa’s town hall in the past and present (postcard: from a private collection)

You can find more facts on Laa at Wikipedia. Recent news can be found at the website of the town hall.

Laa in the past and present (postcard: from a private collection)